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Vertical and Horizontal Milling & Boring

Vertical Milling & Boring:

We have a very wide range of Vertical and Horizontal Milling Centers to insure the best possible option for whatever the project requires. From small parts, to very large parts we have the capability to achieve the most efficient process to complete the job. From raw stock to weldments we are extremely knowledgeable in any milling situation that your project may require. Having a very accurate Sip 8000 as well as our Okuma Double Column VMC to chart and line bore canning dies. Whether it is a new die that we roughed, semi finished, ground, then finished or a rebuild that we are getting back to print specifications after years of running out in the field.

Horizontal Milling & Boring:

Using a horizontal milling center to rough a canning die from raw stock can be extremely effective.  With the rigid Giddings & Lewis as shown below there are not many projects that we cannot achieve. We have several CNC and Manual Devlieg Horizontal Machining Centers as well.
- Finish Canning Dies - Sip 8000 - Up to 160” Length Capabilities -  Up to 96” Height Capabilities - Experts at Machining Weldments, Castings, All Steel, Aluminum, Exotic Material upon request