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Canning Die Rebuilds:

Have   a   Die   that   needs   rebuilt   or   repaired?   Here   at   Quality   Machine   and   Repair, we   take   great   pride   in   our   skill   set   to   get   every   die   back   to   Factory   alignment.   Every die   is   stacked,   charted   and   documented   with   precise   inspection   reports   to   insure accuracy.   We   will   repair   or   replace   retainers   as   needed.   We   use   our   Sip   8000    to   finish boring   the   dies,   holding   tight   tolerances   is   no   issue   in   our   facility.   With   our   Large Mattison     Surface     Grinder     die     parallelism     is     also     brought     back     to     Factory specifications.