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Vertical Turning Centers: Being able to turn diameters up to 78”, opens a wide array of opportunities for any of your turning needs. We specialize in a very wide range of materials, most commonly including: Cast Iron, Low/Medium Carbon Steel, and Tool Steels. Low to medium run production is what we are strongest in. We do however have the ability for large quantity orders upon request.
Horizontal Turning Centers: We have several options when it comes to turning, from small parts, to very large parts. We are capable of machining parts up to 118” Long with our Dainichi M85. Any of your turning needs can be met with excellence. Hard turning is one of our specialties. As seen in the photo to the left. Modifying bearings, hard turning tool Steel and holding extremely tight tolerances are just a few of our capabilities.
- Large Diameter Turning - Hard Turning - Up to 118” Length Capabilities - Small, Medium and Large Production Quantity Capability