Quality Machine & Repair
       An Ohio Machine Shop Specializing in Canning Dies, Rebuilds, CNC Milling, Turning and Grinding
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Quality Machine & Repair Inc. Quality    Machine    and    Repair    Inc.    Is    an    Ohio    Machine    Shop    that    was established    in    2007.        We    have    over    20    years    of    experience    in    the    industry specializing   in   Canning   Dies,   Rebuilds,   and   Die   Components.   With   Machines   such as   our   Sip   8000    for   example,   and   temperature   controlled   environment   we   are   able to   hold   extremely   tight   tolerances.   We   take   pride   in   our   quality   control   and   strive   to exceed our customer’s expectations with every part that leaves our shop!
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- ISO 9001 Certified - Experts in CNC Machining - Great Turnaround Times - Canning Die and Canning   Die Rebuild Specialists - Precision Grinding Services